Christmas Hope: A Gift of Healing” at the Children’s Ward of Apeksha Cancer Hospital, Sri Lanka

Christmas is a time that brings people together, creating a connection that goes beyond differences. It’s a way of saying, “I care about you” and sharing happiness and making the season brighter for everyone.
The spirit of giving took center stage at the Children’s Ward of Apeksha Cancer Hospital in Sri Lanka during this festive season, as the heartwarming charity program “Christmas Hope: A Gift of Healing” unfolded, bringing joy and comfort to little children battling the struggle of cancer. The project was organized by the Lincoln Sri Lanka office under the patronage of the Country Director, Dr. Roshan De Lima.
Generous donations from the Lincoln Family poured in, ensuring that each child received a personalized gift tailored to bring smiles and laughter. The presents ranged from toys and books to art supplies, aiming to not only provide momentary joy but also to spark creativity and imagination, essential components of the healing process.
The “Christmas Hope” program also featured a surprise visit from Santa Claus himself. The children, swayed and clapped to the Christmas songs escaping the challenges of their treatment and embracing the joyous spirit of the season.
As the “Christmas Hope: A Gift of Healing” charity program concluded, the resounding message of solidarity lingered, echoing the thought that, even in the face of adversity, the community can come together to spread love and hope in the true spirit of celebrating Christmas.

Suvini Karunaratne – Manager Research and Development

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