Foundation in Arts

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For the Foundation in Arts program, suitable for students with an Ordinary Level Examination or equivalent, this 10-month course offers a comprehensive introduction to the arts. With a total credit of 30, it’s designed to cater to both local and overseas students, providing flexible fee payment options including full payment, semester-wise, or monthly installments. Detailed fee information covers application, registration, and tuition fees, alongside specific guidance for payment submission, emphasizing the need to fulfill both local and Lincoln University fee requirements.


  • Entry Requirements: Open to candidates with an Ordinary Level Examination or its equivalent.
  • Duration: A comprehensive 10-month course designed to lay a solid foundation in the arts.
  • Credits: Earn a total of 30 credits upon completion.
  • Fee Structure: Flexible payment options available, including full payment upfront or installment plans (semester-wise or monthly). Includes application and registration fees, alongside local and Lincoln University tuition fees.
  • Additional Info: Emphasizes the importance of fulfilling both local tuition and Lincoln University fee requirements, with specific payment instructions for overseas students.

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