Our Policies

Explore our comprehensive policies that guide our operations, ensuring academic integrity, community engagement, student innovation, and more. Our policies cover various aspects such as academic ethics, research support, human resources development, information technology, and grievance handling. These guidelines help us maintain high standards and foster a conducive environment for education and innovation. Check out the detailed policies below to understand our commitment to excellence and accountability.

Policy on Academic Ethics and Accountability

Policy on Academic Honesty and Integrity

Policy on Community Services/Outreach and Industry Linkage/Engagement

Policy on Administration

Policy on Conducting and Supporting Research

Policy on Encouraging and Rewarding Student Innovation

Policy on Examination

Policy on Finance

Policy on General Administration

Policy on Information

Policy on Information and Communication Technology

Policy on Innovation, Invention and Venture Creation

Policy on Internationalization and Off-shore Academic Programmes

Policy on Programme/Curricular Approval, Implementation, Monitoring, Review and Discontinuation

Policy on Programme / Curricular Designing

Policy on Student Participation at Regional and National Level Competitions

Policy on Student Engagement in Quality Assurance

Policy on Teaching and Learning

Policy on Web Content Management

Policy on Intellectual Property

Equality policy

Policy on Grievance Handling for Students