Professional Competency in Wound Care & Stoma Management

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The “Professional Competency in Wound Care & Stoma Management” course is a concise three-month program designed for healthcare professionals seeking specialized skills in wound and stoma care. This course blends online lectures with practical in-person sessions, offering a comprehensive approach to learning. Participants will explore wound assessment, management techniques, and the correct application of various wound dressings for surgical, infected, necrotic, sloughy, granulating, and epithelializing wounds.


Special attention is given to managing complex cases such as diabetes wounds, decubitus ulcers, and burns, alongside essential stoma care practices. This program aims to enhance the quality of patient care through improved healing outcomes and professional competency in wound and stoma management, catering to nurses, physicians, and healthcare providers looking to advance their clinical skills.


Professional Competency in Wound Care & Stoma Management


03 Months

Mode of Delivery

Online lectures & Physical classes for practical sessions

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Wound Care
  • Wound Assessment & Management
  • Wound Healing
  • Wound Dressings
    • Surgical Wounds
    • Infected Wounds
    • Necrotic Wounds
    • Sloughy Wounds
    • Granulating Wounds
    • Epithelializing Wounds
  • Special Consideration in Wound Dressing
    • Diabetes Wounds
    • Decubitus Ulcers
    • Burns
  • Stoma Care

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