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Lincoln Institute of Graduate Studies

The Lincoln Institute of Graduate Studies in Sri Lanka is located in the capital city of Colombo. The state of the art facility is dedicated towards providing global opportunities to aspiring seekers from all regions of the country and overseas.

Established with the objective of contributing to higher education in the country by providing global education opportunities at affordable costs. While being committed to providing high-quality education, the campus, through the parent university spurs high impact research, which will contribute significantly to the enhancement of existing knowledge in various fields.

Lincoln University offers International and National undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in the fields of Life Sciences, Engineering Technology, Business and Management, Social Studies , Language Studies, Education and Information Technology. The university complex is well equipped with unmatched facilities including modern lecture rooms, laboratories, well-furnished auditorium, library, recreational facilities and other amenities ensuring an effective learning environment to its students. At present we are embarked on a challenging mission of delivering international curriculum for the students in the remote area in the country.

Picklogic Management Studies LUC

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Our Study Support Center at UAE

The academic administration and operations partner Picklogic Management Studies FZ LLE currently operates at, Fujairah – Creative Tower, PO Box 4422 Fujairah to provide all the educational requirements for the designed programs and further facilitates as the recruitment partner for university enrolments.