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Department Of Applied Science

Exploring the frontiers of Life science, the Department of Applied Science is dedicated to fostering innovation and hands-on learning. Dive into a dynamic curriculum that blends theory with practical applications, preparing you for a future where scientific advancements drive progress.

Department Of Allied And Health Sciences

At the crossroads of healthcare and compassion, our Allied Health Sciences Department equips students with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in people's lives. Join us in the pursuit of excellence as we train the healthcare leaders of tomorrow.

Department Of Engineering

Transform your ideas into reality with the Department of Engineering. Our programs are designed to cultivate creative problem-solvers and industry-ready engineers. Join a community where innovation and technology converge to shape the future.

Department Of Management

Unleash your leadership potential in the Department of Management. Our programs blend theory with practical insights, preparing you to navigate the dynamic business landscape. Embark on a journey where strategic thinking and effective management skills are the keys to success.

Department Of Social Science Arts And Humanities

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of human experience with the Department of Social Science, Arts, and Humanities. Explore diverse perspectives, challenge assumptions, and engage in critical discourse as you shape a refined understanding of the world.

Department Of Computer Science And Creative Multimedia

In the realm where technology meets creativity, our Computer Science and Creative Multimedia Department is your gateway to the digital frontier. Develop cutting-edge technical skills and unleash your creativity in a space where innovation knows no bounds.

Department Of Applied Science

Elevate your expertise with the Postgraduate Department of Applied Science. Delve deeper into scientific research and innovation, positioning yourself at the forefront of advancements that shape industries and societies.

Department Of Allied And Health Sciences

Propel your healthcare career forward in the Postgraduate Department of Allied Health Sciences. Advance your knowledge, Upgrade your skills, and contribute to the evolving landscape of healthcare with cutting-edge research and practice.

Department Of Management

Transform into a strategic leader in the Postgraduate Department of Management. Sharpen your managerial acumen and gain a holistic understanding of global business dynamics, setting the stage for impactful leadership in a competitive world.

Department Of Social Science Arts And Humanities

Dive into advanced studies in the Postgraduate Department of Social Science, Arts, and Humanities. Expand your intellectual horizons, engage in scholarly discourse, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue that shapes societies and cultures.

Foundation in Arts

Explore your creative side in Arts. Our Foundation program is your key to a versatile education, laying the groundwork for success in diverse fields.

Foundation in Science

Ignite scientific curiosity with our Foundation program. From physics to biology, build a strong base for future exploration in just a few steps!

Professional Competency in wound Chare & Stoma Management

Elevate your expertise in wound care and stoma management. This specialized program hones essential skills for healthcare professionals, ensuring compassionate and effective patient care. Dive into advanced techniques, protocols, and interdisciplinary approaches, cultivating a proficiency that is both clinically sound and patient-centered.


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Yes, we have flexible credit transfer programs that may allow you to apply previously earned credits towards your degree at our university. Please contact our admissions office for specific details.

Yes, we offer a variety of fully online degree programs in various fields. You can enjoy the flexibility of earning your degree entirely online while receiving the same high-quality education as our on-campus students.

Yes, we understand that financing your education is a major concern. We offer various payment plan options to help you spread out your tuition payments over time and make your degree more affordable.